What are the benefits of participating in a clinical research study?

November 20, 2023


A clinical trial involves actively volunteering to support medical progress by participating in research studies. By participating, individuals may gain access to beneficial treatments before they are widely available. These trials adhere to strict guidelines to protect participants. Participants may also gain valuable insight into the process, enabling them to understand the effectiveness of various treatments. It is crucial that both patients and providers enroll in clinical trials [1] .


Why should you participate in a clinical trial ?

Clinical trials are a critical part of developing new treatments and advancing scientific knowledge. Individuals participate in clinical trials to test new drugs, vaccines, mental health and psychiatric treatments, pain management techniques, and more. Most of the treatments and tools used today by various medical professionals came as a result of clinical trials [2]. So, why is it so hard to recruit participants? Many are unaware of the benefits of participating in a trial. 

Benefits of Participating:

  1. Quality care & monitoring - Research teams often track participants’ process very meticulously and address any concerns swifty, should they arise. This level of personalized attention provides a positive experience as participants' well-being is continuously prioritized [3].
  2. Possibility of improved outcomes - As an active participant, you would have the opportunity to experience an improved quality of life whether it be through pain management, disease control, or lessening of symptoms related to illness.
  3. Supporting medical advancement - By participating in clinical research you allow researchers and healthcare professionals to uncover insights and data to help better refine and develop treatments for current and future clients [4].


Participating in a research study can make a tremendous impact on society, both today and tomorrow. Access new technology and methods while contributing to medical advancement. Consider taking part in Adhere.ly’s clinical trial which will track the platform's efficacy in a clinical setting–Adhere.ly is a HIPAA compliant digital therapy platform designed by therapists for therapists. Practice skills with clients in-session, remind them to complete their homework between sessions, and review that practice and track their progress over time with Adhere.ly.

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